Rig #745900 (Bookmark this page to access your rig later.)
MotherboardAsus A58M-K₹4,999Amazon
CPUAMD A4-6320₹2,800Amazon
GPUNvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti₹90,000Amazon
RAMKingston FURY 8GB DDR3 ₹5,599Amazon
CabinetCooler Master Cosmos II₹38,500Amazon
PSUCorsair AX1200i₹31,000Amazon
Total Cost₹1,72,898

Preferred Uses of Rig #745900


With a good mix of hardware like - CPU, RAM, and Storage, this PC build is ideal to use at home. With mid-tier CPU, you can perform some basic tasks like, browsing, image editing, document editing, light 3D gaming, movies, and storage.


With a good mix of powerful CPU, RAM, and storage, this PC build is ideal to use for business application. With high-end CPU and RAM, you can perform official tasks like programming, designing, document editing, VMWare workstations, and simulations.


With a mid-tier CPU, powerful graphics card, and good amount of RAM, this PC build is ideal to use for gaming. With high-end graphics card, you can play some renowned names in game industry and high-end AAA games at 1080P resoultion.

Media Pro

With powerful CPU, mid-tier GPU, high amount of RAM and storage, this PC build is ideal for media applications. With ultra powerful CPU, high-end RAM and faster and high amount of storage with SSD and HDDs, you can use it for intesive tasks like video editing, powerful simulations, ultra wide 4K image and video rendeing and processing.

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