Build Custom Assembled PC With This Free PC Builder Tool

Free PC builder tool that helps you chose the right and compatible parts for PC build. Whether it's a gaming rig or a general purpose computer, this tool will let you help pick PC parts that fit right into your budget.

How to Use this Free PC Builder Tool?

Well, creating your custom PC rig using this tool is a very easy task. Just click the button above and you can start selecting the parts you need for your PC.

Now, many of you might know, there are 6 essential components (or PC Parts) you need to build a working machine, that is:

  1. CPU
  2. MotherBoard
  3. RAM
  4. Storage
  5. Case
  6. Power Supply Unit
  7. GPU (if your CPU doesn't come with it)

So, you need to select all the above components in order to create a working PC build or you won't be able to go beyond BIOS menu.

After clicking the 'Build My PC' button, it will land you on CPU page, Select the CPU of your choice and our system will redirect you to the Motherboards page and so on.

All of our systems runs on advanced algorithm under the hood which ensures the compatibility PC parts with each other.

A Little Guide on How to Chose PC parts for your Custom PC Build

Experianced people might not have any problem in choosing the parts for their PC build. But, if you are new, all the load of products and information might confuse you.

There are three basic questions you need ask yourself:

If you are gonna use your computer for general purposes like browsing, editing docs, movies, music, light gaming, and other basic stuff. I suggest you go for minimal parts which fit in your budget.

For gamers, if you wanna play some basic 2D games and retro games, the GPU that comes onboard with CPU is enough for handling that Load. But, if you are gonna play some new names, 3D games, or AAA games, you should go for the mid-tier graphics card which is enough to handle the load of AAA games in fairly good resolution.

But, if you wanna play the AAA games in max settings and 4K resolution, you should go for high-end graphics card and even for two-way, or three-way bridge for maximum performance.

Budget is probably the most important issue of all, once you figure out what you are going to use your custom build PC for, you can then chose the parts accordingly and in your budget.

If you want more information on chosing the PC parts, read this article.

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