Rig #118739 (Bookmark this page to access your rig later.)
MotherboardZebronics ZEB-G31₹1850
CPUIntel Core 2 Duo E8400₹410
GPUNvidia Geforce GT 1030₹7000
RAMHynix DDR2 2GB₹799
HDDSeagate Barracuda 250GB₹1500
CabinetANTEC VSK-4000B-U3₹2700
PSUCorsair VS450 450-Watt₹2500
Total Cost₹16759

Preferred Uses of Rig #118739


With a good mix of hardware like - CPU, RAM, and Storage, this PC build is ideal to use at home. With mid-tier CPU, you can perform some basic tasks like, browsing, image editing, document editing, light 3D gaming, movies, and storage.


With a mid-tier CPU, powerful graphics card, and good amount of RAM, this PC build is ideal to use for gaming. With high-end graphics card, you can play some renowned names in game industry and high-end AAA games at 1080P resoultion.

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